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Link2SD An excellent file manager for Android

Link2SD An excellent file manager for Android
Link2SD is a file managing tool for Android that lets you work comfortably with any file stored in the memory of your device (for example, on the SD card). Link2SD has a jaw-dropping number of features, among which you will find the possibility of eliminating any APK from your device, grouping new apps automatically, moving any app to a SD card, or selecting the default installation directory for new apps. Other features include the option to uninstall, move, or reinstall apps in groups (which saves a lot of time in some cases), receive notifications when you install mobile apps, convert user apps to system apps (and vice versa), and integrating updated system apps on a ROM. Link2SD is a very complete app that includes interesting features both for users who just want to move apps from one part of their device to another, as well as for those who want total control over the interior of their Android device.
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